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The Park Law Enforcement Association is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the park law enforcement and conservation profession through specialized development, thus improving the quality of life and leisure opportunities in and around local, state and national park and recreation areas in the United States and Canada. PLEA believes in the importance of preserving and protecting natural and cultural resources that parks and recreation areas provide for people.
Networking- Provides an informational services network to facilitate the exchange of information between park law enforcement personnel and other park and recreation professionals. Your voice will be more effective because of your association with other professionals, lay people and our advocacy of policy makers.

Education- Provides continuing education and technical assistance services which contribute to professional growth through PLEA sponsored conferences and training opportunities. Members are eligible for scholarships and discounts for PLEA sponsored training opportunities.

Recognition- Provides recognition of persons working in park law enforcement. Members are eligible for PLEA awards and recognition. As a member of PLEA you will be recognized as a park professional.

International Ranger Federation- The International Ranger Federation (IRF)is a worldwide federation of associations, not an association of individual members.  PLEA is one of the affiliated member Associations that comprise the International Ranger Federation. As a member of PLEA, you are a member of the International Ranger Federation - see their link on our website.

Representation- Represents all types of park law enforcement personnel, both certified (sworn) and non-certified.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit of $3,500 - All members receive this benefit at no additional cost. These benefits are jointly sponsored with the American Income Life Insurance Company, a company servicing working families for more than 50 years. Plus Health Services Discount Program for your family that provides household discounts of 20-60% on: Prescriptions, Hearing Care, Vision Care/Products, Chiropractic Care, and optional discount dental is available.

Reduced training expenses-  Members receive discounts to conferences and training opportunities when applicable.

Free job posting- Agency members receive unlimited job opportunity announcements posted to the association’s website.

Recognition- As a supporting member of PLEA you will be recognized as a contemporary among Park Agencies.


Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce that all members now have increased benefits at NO COST TO YOU.  These benefits are jointly sponsored with American Income Life Insurance Company, a company servicing working families for more than 60 years.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

$3,500 – Member


If you do not designate your beneficiary, the $3,500 would be paid to your estate and may be taxable.

Those who return the on-line reply card will also receive a HEALTH SERVICES DISCOUNT CARD for your family at no cost that provides household discounts up to 60% on:

                                    *Prescriptions                          *Vision Care/Products

                                     *Hearing Care                         *Chiropractic Care

                                                Optional discount dental is available.

In addition, CHILD SAFE KITS are available at no cost. These kits have been endorsed and supported by the International Union of Police Associations, the American Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of School Administrators.  The kits help you gather vital data, photos and fingerprints from your children and grandchildren so they are ready for authorities in the event of an emergency. 

An AIL representative will contact you to deliver your no-cost benefits, witness your beneficiary designation and review other supplemental insurance benefits that may be available to you and your family.  If you have questions, please call American Income Life Insurance Company at 1-800-495-1213 or Vivian Dwyer at 1-804-347-4175.


Carl R. Nielsen

Executive Director

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