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President & Treasurer- Captain Dale Steele

Great Parks of Hamilton County, Ohio          

Vice President - Assist. Park Superintendent Brad DePriest

Arkansas State Parks

2nd Vice President - Chief Ranger, Dennis Cease (Retired)

Wyoming State Parks

Secretary - Park Manager Brian Haug

Kansas State Parks

Executive Director - Captain Carl Nielsen (Retired)

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection


Chief Mark Caughlan Past President, Wyoming State Parks

Chief William (Bill) Westerfield      Past President, Wyoming State Parks (Retired)

Chief Ed Thomas                     Arkansas State Parks

Chief George Poulos                       Past Vice President, Miami – Dade Parks, Florida (Retired)

Chief Scott Raven                            San Marcos, Texas Parks Dept. (Retired)

Park Manager Shayn Koppes  Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, and Parks 

Officer Ira Leniger Alabama Historic Ironworks Police 

Lt. Kathy Ogan St. Louis County Park Rangers

Captain Jeff Geer Texas State Parks and Wildlife Dept., Park Police

Captain Thomas Bigham   Texas State Parks and Wildlife Dept., Park Police (Retired)

Ranger David Dobbins       Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (Retired)

Chief George Fedorczyk       New Jersey State Park Police

Chief Josh Campbell     Missouri State Parks

Chief Christopher Crockett              Kentucky State Parks

Lt. Adrian Sargent    Five Rivers MetroParks

Sgt. Edwin McFadden  Great Parks of Hamilton County


PLEA CHAPTERS are a way to grow PLEA and help fulfill our Mission.  Interested in starting a PLEA CHAPTER? Just come together and form one! A PLEA Chapter can be State or Regional.  PLEA Chapters are not required to be incorporated like an Affiliate as long as the PLEA Bylaws are followed. Contact the PLEA Executive Director for more information.

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