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The National Alliance of Park Enforcement Professionals was formed in 1979. In 1984 the name was changed to The Park Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) and was affiliated with National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) in order to improve law enforcement, visitor protection and park operation services through professional development; thus assuring a better quality of life and leisure opportunities and experiences in local, state and national park and recreation areas. After several years of a beneficial partnership with NRPA, PLEA went out on its own in order to better establish itself as a national organization.

  • PLEA provides informational services directed at educating park and recreation professionals, policy makers, and lay people of the role that park law enforcement services play in providing an excellent quality of life at parks and recreation facilities. PLEA also places an emphasis on visitor and resource protection their relationship to overall park operations.
  • PLEA represents all types of park personnel both certified and non-certified. This includes but is not limited to Park Police, Park Rangers, Interpreters, Environmental Educators, Lake Wardens, Marina Operators, Maintenance Personnel, etc.
  • PLEA believes in the importance of park patrons having a positive quality of life experience in park and recreation facilities and the protection of natural and cultural resources that parks and recreation areas provide for their citizens.
  • PLEA provides a resource to facilitate networking opportunities between park operation personnel, administrators, and educators. Through this cooperative effort issues are brought to the forefront and a dialogue is created to find solutions and create best practices to solve them.
  • PLEA sponsors several training opportunities throughout the year to provide continuing education, technical assistance and career development training that promotes professional growth and recognizes the accomplishments of persons working in our field.
    • PLEA strives to lessen the burden of government by encouraging constructive scientific research to ensure the most effective and efficient service delivery possible.

It is the vision of the Park Law Enforcement Association to become the pre-eminent source for training and best practices for those engaged in park law enforcement nation-wide and to be the recognized national leader in efforts to deliver unique customer services while fostering a safe and welcoming recreational experience in park environments.


It is the mission of the Park Law Enforcement Association to provide elite training to the field of park law enforcement supervisors and provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas and programs so that all members are apprised of best practices to keep staff and guests safe. 

PLEA CHAPTERS are a way to grow PLEA and help fulfill our Mission.  Interested in starting a PLEA CHAPTER? Just come together and form one! A PLEA Chapter can be State or Regional.  PLEA Chapters are not required to be incorporated like an Affiliate as long as the PLEA Bylaws are followed. Contact the PLEA Executive Director for more information.
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